Does Threads Show Who Viewed your Profile?

Social media users often think about the question of profile visitors. Threads, a newly launched social app by Meta rivaling Twitter, approaches this matter uniquely. Let’s explore whether visiting someone’s Threads profile will trigger a notification or if it can be done secretly.

What Does “Profile Views” Mean on the Threads App?

The term “Profile Views” on Threads refers to the number of individuals who have visited your profile. It could range from a cursory glance to a more thorough inspection.

Your profile serves as your initial representation. Thus, maintaining an intriguing and current bio holds significance as it leaves a favorable impression on visitors.

A well-maintained profile often results in a higher number of followers. If visitors find your profile appealing, they may even share your Threads profile link across other platforms.

While some individuals prefer to keep their profile private to avoid undesired attention, others find it beneficial for developing connections.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that not everyone desires others to be aware of their profile visits. This can occasionally lead to misunderstandings and individuals exercising caution while perusing profiles.

Hence, certain platforms opt not to disclose who has viewed a profile out of respect for everyone’s privacy.

Does Threads Notify Users When Their Profile Is Viewed?

Threads does not give notifications about profile views. The app does not track this information. The sole method of discerning who has viewed your posts is by observing the likes, replies, or interactions.

If someone engages with your post by liking, replying, or mentioning you, Threads will notify you. This mechanism ensures that you are informed when someone interacts with your content.

Threads refrain from revealing the identities of profile viewers to safeguard everyone’s privacy. Publicizing profile visits could potentially lead to awkward interactions.

This feature is deemed unnecessary on Threads. Individuals who wish to connect with you can follow, comment, and like your posts. These interactions hold more significance than knowing who peruses your profile.

If privacy concerns arise, users can set their Threads account to private. Rather than fretting over profile visitors, focus on crafting posts, attracting followers, and promoting content.

If you encounter any problem then you can restrict, block, or mute them on Threads to ensure a positive user experience.

Can Others Be Aware of Your Profile Visits on Threads?

When you view someone’s profile on Threads, they do not receive notifications, similar to how you cannot ascertain if someone has visited your profile. Unless actions like liking, replying, or sharing their posts are taken, your visit remains undisclosed.

The only instances where someone will be notified of your profile visitation are if you:

  • Like their post
  • Respond or mention them in your own post
  • Share or quote their post on your profile

As long as these actions are abstained from, one can peruse profiles on Threads anonymously.


Privacy holds the foremost importance on Threads. When browsing someone’s profile, they remain unaware unless you choose otherwise. This underscores Threads’ commitment to ensuring user comfort and privacy protection. Users should feel assured while navigating the platform, knowing that their privacy is upheld.